Introducing Fantasy Lite – a new type of SuperBru game

We are pleased to launch the Beta edition of SuperBru’s latest game format, Fantasy Lite, which is designed to be a blend of prediction and fantasy games. So far, we have active tournaments for the Premier League and Rugby Championship, with more to come.

Have you ever played a results prediction game and thought it might be fun to predict the performances of individual players, rather than the teams’ scores?

Or played a fantasy game but struggled to keep up with its time-consuming demands and complexity?

Fantasy Lite aims to bridge the gap between the two. Each week of a tournament, you’ll pick the players who you think will perform the best, and you’ll be rewarded with points by a fantasy-style scoring model.

There is no squad management and no starting line-ups – each week you simply pick players from our pre-determined groupings, called bands. The game is significantly less time-consuming than standard fantasy games, and also less expensive to operate with far smaller data requirements.

Less time consuming than fantasy

We try to make all SuperBru games quick and simple to play, so that as many people as possible can take part.

As with our predictor games, playing Fantasy Lite can take as little as 2 minutes each week, and will hopefully deliver all of the fun and excitement of fantasy scoring without the need to select and manage a whole team.

It doesn’t require intimate knowledge of the Leicester City midfield, or who might play for 80 minutes in the Blues tight five, which should make it more accessible than a fantasy game to all of your friends, everyone in the office, and to anyone with a passing interest in the sport.

Smaller data requirements

The Fantasy Lite format reduces our dependence on expensive data feeds, which tell us all the vital statistics for every player in a tournament – with 20 Premier League teams, each with a squad size of around 30 players, that’s a lot of stats that we need each week to power the game.

With limited bands of players in Fantasy Lite, we’ll need data for fewer players per week, which helps keep costs down, and make it more sustainable to run more and more games.

More tournaments and sports

The Fantasy Lite concept is designed to be flexible and applicable to other sports, which should help us to fill some of the gaps we know we have. Test Cricket, for instance, has been absent on SuperBru for some time, and this model should work. The same goes for other popular sports, such as Tennis and Cycling, which are often requested by SuperBru players.

Sits alongside fantasy games

We will still run traditional fantasy games for major tournaments, such as Football World Cups and European Championships, Super Rugby and the Rugby World Cup – for these big tournaments, we tend to have more players, which makes it more sustainable to source all of the data required.

We hope you enjoy the game, and good luck!

8 thoughts on “Introducing Fantasy Lite – a new type of SuperBru game

  1. Will you ever consider full fantasy games again? (Though i am liking fantasy lite too)

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