Introducing SuperBru Premium Memberships

Today we are introducing Premium Memberships on SuperBru, offering players the opportunity to pay a small monthly fee to remove advertising and enjoy some extra benefits.
SuperBru Premium
Our key policy with this is to ensure that the free-to-play SuperBru experience will not be diminished in any way, but removing advertising frees up some space on the site which can be used differently.


SuperBru has always been free to play, and funded by the advertising that we run on the site.

We recently ran a short survey on several tournaments in different regions, and found that a small percentage of players would like the option to turn off the banner advertising that we run on SuperBru, with a nominal fee to offset the reduced advertising revenue.

When we tested switching off ads for staff users, it felt cleaner and the pages loaded ever so slightly faster – but it also created more space, particularly at the top of every page, and we started looking at ways to make better use of it.

So along with removing ads, a SuperBru Silver or Gold membership will also give you the new Premium Toolbar, which has useful alerts and links to picks you need to make, pool invitations to review, Brumail, and direct links to any pools that you captain.

SuperBru Premium Toolbar


Over the coming months, we will introduce Gold Membership to add to Silver and Classic (the standard free edition that will not change), as we add a few more features and benefits to each package.

Check out the new Memberships page on SuperBru that explains what is included for each, and feel free to send in any queries or suggestions.

The General’s Club

Another planned feature to come in late 2014 / early 2014 is The General’s Club, which will be an exclusive, members-only community within SuperBru, headed up by SuperBru’s Founder, the General.

As with any SuperBru Club, it will run pools inside all key tournaments, with people able to take on The General, HQ staff and other SuperBru fanatics from around the world.

Members will be privy to behind-the-scenes insights and news on features we are working on, as well as the opportunity to test out new sports and tournament formats before they are released publicly.

Membership will be available to global tournament winners, players reaching a certain number of caps, users buying a Gold or General’s Club subscription or those specially invited by the General.

Take a look at the main site for more information and to upgrade your membership.

As always, please let us know if you have any feedback.

7 thoughts on “Introducing SuperBru Premium Memberships

  1. I have been playing Superbru since 2011 and I enjoy every minute of it. I do not have a problem with the advertising as I sometimes see something that I like and follow up on. Perhaps you should look at keeping everything free and allow members to “work” toward silver or gold status based on number of years on Superbru, number of tournaments, number of pools and regularity of picks. Any person who qualifies for an upgrade should then be invited to upgraded and if a person “defaults” on tournaments, picks or other t’s and c’s then he/she is automatically down graded. Just a suggestion.

    • Hi Sydney, thanks for the feedback. Advertising seems to bother some people more than others, which is why this is totally optional, and the classic free membership will not change.

      When we launch The General’s Club, we plan to have goals that you can ‘work towards’ – if you win a tournament for instance, you’ll be invited to join, or if you reach xxx number of caps. We’ll keep you posted on plans.

      Thanks again for contributing, and for playing SuperBru!

  2. I agree with Sydney above I have been a
    Member since Jan 2007 have played
    202 Tournaments
    have been on 882 Pools
    and have 14,411 Caps

    So to those who have supported you guys a reward to those who have helped you get to where you are would be a nice touch , just my five cents !

  3. Hi not too sure how long I have been playing Superbru, maybe 10 years or more??? But it certainly has been fun & I have also been able to make a lot of friends, here in SA & abroad. What I would like to know is how do I actually apply for a free card?