Changes to SuperBru’s golf model

We have just launched a one-off SuperBru tournament for the Nedbank Golf Challenge in December, and we’d love you to play and try out our new golf scoring model.

Scoring model

Previously, our scoring model used the Win Point / Margin Point / Bonus Point format that is established across SuperBru’s tipping games, but in golf, the translation of a golf score into SuperBru points was not very clear.

When you watch sport and play SuperBru, it’s more fun to know how the real life events will translate into points, and our new approach should facilitate that.

The revised golf model fits with our Fantasy Lite format, in which you pick players rather than results, and score points using a fantasy-style scoring system. The scoring system for fantasy golf is very straightforward – if your player is -4, you’ll get 4 points; if he is +6, you’ll get -6 points.

The points from each of your 4 players will be added together to give you a total score, and you’ll be ranked in your pools and on the global leaderboard accordingly.

One-off events

The Ryder Cup earlier this year was a good example of how a standalone golf tournament can work, with the SuperBru game adding extra interest over the course of the weekend. Many people followed the action on SuperBru, and it made the Ryder Cup even more exciting.

The Nedbank Golf Challenge should be similar, and there is a case for having standalone tournaments for the Majors next year, rather than stringing them all together in a golf season.

We’ll see how this goes, and may consider some changes for 2015. As always, we’re interested in your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts on the format and how you enjoy the game.

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