Fantasy Tennis is coming to SuperBru

We’re excited to be bringing Tennis to SuperBru, and we’re busy preparing to launch the first big tournament in time for Wimbledon at the end of June!
Proposed format

We’ve devised a prediction and scoring model using our Fantasy Lite concept of picking from bands of players – the current plan is to pick 2 men and 2 women, and you’ll score points for games and sets won, as well as performance measures like Aces and 1st serve percentage.

We’ll then divide the tournament into rounds, so that you make picks three times over the two-week Grand Slam events – you’ll pick players for Round 1 & 2 together, again for Rounds 3 & 4, and finally for the Quarter-finals onwards.

Tennis Season

We’ll see how Wimbledon goes as the first major tournament, but the plan is to make it like our Golf games – standalone tournaments, but with the function to enter your pool in all of them at once, with a special leaderboard that tracks performance from one tournament to the next (this is still in the pipeline for Golf by the way).

French Open – Closed Beta

We are using the proposed format for a closed beta test for the French Open, which starts next week. We usually do this in the office before we launch fully on SuperBru, but we are opening it up to The General’s Club members so that we can test it properly and solicit some more feedback – we plan to do this with other new features and tournaments going forwards.

Past Global Champions, Brus with over 15,000 caps and anyone with a Gold membership subscription are invited to join The General’s Club – click here to join if you’d like to help with the Beta test.

9 thoughts on “Fantasy Tennis is coming to SuperBru

  1. Tennis is my betting preference so I’d be interested in joining your test.

  2. Interesting idea, but surely it could be much simpler. Tennis prediction games are already around like the one on the ATP World Tour’s website, which is flawed but does really all it should. In it, you pick the entire tournament, every match, as you see it playing out and receive points of increasing value in each round, for every correct prediction.

    Players with the most points after the final win. So, basically, the more matches you predict correctly, the better.

  3. This format seems stupid, why don’t you just have all the matches and you have to choose a winner and score?

  4. The scoring system doesn’t make sense you’ll award points for games and set won. So a match that a player that wins in 3 sets will score less points than a player that wins in 5?