The Tour de France lands on SuperBru

After last week’s announcement that we’ve finally brought tennis to SuperBru, we’re excited to reveal some more new tournament news: cycling has been added to the roster this summer.


We’ve reinvented the wheel with the all new Tour de France Fantasy Lite game for 2015. The TdF is another tournament which has been on the SuperBru drawing board for a long time. Back in 2008 we ran a Tour de France prediction game but felt it wasn’t quite up to scratch – we’ve been eager to build a revised version ever since, and are really excited to confirm that it’s ready to roll.

We will present you with a limited number of riders grouped together in four bands, primarily by rider abilities (team leaders, sprinters and climbers). Your challenge is to predict which of the riders will perform the best in each band for the given rounds.

The Tour de France is quite a complex affair. Just as the Tour has different measures of success by rewarding top sprinters, climbers and overall finishers, we’ll be rewarding you with points based on our scoring model which aims to cater to the top sprinters, climbers and general classification riders. Read more about the scoring system here.

Who will be wearing the yellow jersey in 2015?

See you in the start chute.

2 thoughts on “The Tour de France lands on SuperBru

  1. Really excited about this!! Thanks for doing it? Will it be scored by stage or by week (I.e. how often are we supposed to make our picks?)