Clubs and other new features on SuperBru

The keen-eyed SuperBru players will have spotted some of the changes we’ve rolled out over the last couple of weeks, and here’s a quick summary to tell you more and explain the thinking behind them.


The General and his team have been hard at work building ‘Clubs’ for the past few months, and we’re excited to launch the new functionality – almost 1,000 SuperBru clubs have been created in just a few days, and the feedback so far has been very positive.

Clubs are designed to bring together communities of SuperBru players who take part in tournaments together. It is a home for those players outside any tournament which will keep track of performances in every pool, compiling medal tables and honours boards, and allowing people to interact in a permanent section on SuperBru.

It will also make life easier for regular pool captains, as it is now a much simpler process to create a pool in any tournament and invite those that normally take part.

Clubs will also offer a platform for sponsors, sports teams, websites and bloggers to engage with their community of fans or followers, building a relationship with sports fans.

Find out more about Clubs here >>

Pool and Club Invitations

We have also revamped the invitation system to better manage the volume of emails that are sent and received. Pool captains will only be allowed to invite the same people once, and then send a reminder if no action is taken – this should mean you don’t receive the same invitations over and over again, which can get fairly annoying!

There are one or two other changes and UI improvements that should make the whole Invitation process much smoother and simpler.

Banter boards

With the introduction of Clubs, the way banter messages work has also been improved – take a look at your pool homepage and see what you think. We have some other plans for how best to display what people want to see and to encourage more interaction and engagement with both other players and the tournament itself.

Coming soon

The General’s department is never short of things to do, and there are various things on his to-do list over the coming weeks and months.

The Dashboard will be revamped shortly, to better integrate Club sections and features, as well as the new banter messages and notification system.

We’re also exploring other ways to improve the display of Honours, and to recognise additional achievements within the game.

Here’s to continually making things better, and all feedback is welcome as always.

5 thoughts on “Clubs and other new features on SuperBru

  1. The BP announcement in the Banter after each round is too much – especially in a larger pool. The real banter tends to fall away. Maybe Yellow Cap and GSP winner announcements AFTER each round is sufficient.
    Great development of the @player feature. The current dashboard works rather well.