Live Scoring on SuperBru

Some people will have noticed the latest exciting addition to SuperBru over the last couple of weeks – Live Scoring.


The vision behind this feature was to create a single destination for sports fans to follow live scores for matches they are interested in and be able to check their SuperBru picks at the same time.

Our experience at SuperHQ of following sport at weekends seemed to be fairly common – and take a regular Saturday afternoon as an example.

On a typical weekend, there are several Premier League football matches taking place, alongside domestic rugby such as Currie Cup, Top 14, Aviva Premiership, as well as other tournaments such as PSL, NFL, Aussie Rules, Rugby League and so on.

You might be able to find a couple of hours to watch one match that is most important to you, in amongst various family commitments, seeing friends and various chores, but you still want to know what’s going on in every other game.

Time is always of the essence – you might get a minute or two whilst the kids are doing something else, or whilst you wait for your other half. We’d find that we would need to check SuperBru to remind ourselves of our pick for a certain game, and then go in search of live scores across a multitude of destinations of varying quality.

Nobody could find a place to follow all the matches that you’re interested in, and so by the time you’ve checked your pick, found the current score, checked your pick again, checked that the score hasn’t changed, you’ve comfortably used up that 1-minute window and you’ve only checked one match.

“We need to find a way to do this on SuperBru, for my benefit as well as for sports fans everywhere,” said The General. “My forseeable future of Saturday afternoons is filled with third birthday parties, and I need a single live scoring destination with my picks visible that I can check furtively on my iPhone while conducting games of pass the parcel.”


When considering how to produce accurate and timely scoring, which is the difficult bit, we investigated various live feeds from data providers and other websites, and the cost and level of integration work to power every SuperBru tournament has always been prohibitive. But based on the success of our crowdsourced result processing, we started exploring whether we could keep scores up to date through the collective efforts of the SuperBru community.

The live scoring engine accepts scores from any registered SuperBru user and waits for a certain number of matching entries before determining that it must be correct. Over time, the system will identify the most trustworthy contributors and so will need fewer matching entries before updating, which should enable continuous improvement until the time lag between a try or goal being scored and the update displayed on SuperBru is as small as possible.

CrowdscoringChecking Scores on SuperBru

We know that if you’re taking part in a tournament on SuperBru, you are interested in that tournament’s fixtures and results, and that’s what we display on your Dashboard – you don’t see matches in tournaments that you aren’t playing.

We can also use tournament participation to present live scores on the dashboard, and pull through your pick for that game – so the quick view for games you want to follow is pretty simple to produce. The green and red WP/MP indicators give you an instant snapshot of how things are going for you – ideal for those quick checks when you only have a minute.

Collective effort

When The General first built the CrowdScoring™ feature and put it live without any fanfare, we were unsure as to whether it would take off. There was a Top 14 game first up on that Friday night, and Hutch and The General diligently entered scores as they happened and wondered if anyone else would turn up.

Gradually, people would find the page, have a quick read and then start contributing – that first weekend, over 200 different people entered a score at some stage, and after a couple of weeks, more than 500 people have now contributed. And this is at a relatively quiet time of year on SuperBru.

The collective effort of the community has been remarkable. We’ll continue to refine and improve things, and we hope that sports fans find it a useful resource to follow sport on those busy weekends.

Feel free to let us know any feedback or comments on this exciting new feature – and if you haven’t seen it yet, take a look on your Dashboard this weekend and feel free to get involved.

3 thoughts on “Live Scoring on SuperBru

  1. But if it goes wrong will you be ready with backups and software to quickly unravel the mistake. For example the wrong score was processed for GEORGIA vs USA. SuperBru processed Georgia won by 1, but the real result was USA won by 2. To go back and reverse all the wrong calculations (or restore from a backup) will take time and CPU. You probably need to fix the data before the next score (Italy Fiji) or it will probably compound the problem further. I am betting you do have a solution, otherwise a whole lot of Brus are going to be pretty unhappy.

  2. Is there any reason why the Georgia/Samoa game(played earlier today) hasn’t yet been updated?