New Match Sponsorship feature on SuperBru

We introduced a new feature on Super Rugby this week, and have extended it to some of our other key tournaments – Match Sponsorship.

Match Sponsorship

We talk a lot about ‘passion-point marketing’, and how sponsors can engage with SuperBru players by sharing their passion – people playing SuperBru clearly love sport, and companies that also love sport can build an affinity in this environment.

SuperBru players’ passion tends to be at a peak in the context of a match – considering predictions and making picks in the build-up, checking live scores as the action unfolds, and viewing results and standings once the score is confirmed. The Match Sponsorships are designed to display a simple brand message at this ‘passion point’ without detracting from the user experience, and these are pages that everyone playing that tournament will interact with, ensuring thousands of eyeballs will see your message – or even hundreds of thousands in some tournaments.

The Match Sponsorships are also designed to cater for smaller companies, for whom display advertising with smaller budgets is likely to be less effective – buying 10,000 impressions to rotate amongst millions of other ads may not have much impact.

A Match Sponsorship is a simple, cost-effective solution for companies to put their message in front of passionate sports fans, and the results from the first few matches have been fairly remarkable, with hundreds of clickthroughs being generated.

Tournaments are classified as Gold, Silver or Bronze, based mainly on the size of the audience, and match sponsorships are priced accordingly.

To find out more, take a look at the Match Sponsorship section on our SuperBru Advertising page.

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