New Achievements Page on SuperBru

Today sees the launch of an exciting new page on SuperBru – Achievements – where you can see various statistics about your performance, compare them to other players, and see the array of badges you’ve acquired and which you still need to collect.


SuperBru BadgesSome badges are easy to win, such as your first Win Point in a tournament, but others like a 10-match streak and a Gold Accuracy badge will take some doing.

The badges are designed to reward outstanding performance, and add an extra element to the game, giving you something to aim for in a given round, or highlighting areas for improvement. Putting together a winning streak could become a focus for instance, particularly if you are out of the running for a medal in your pool.

There are also some consolation badges, recognising that not every round is perfect, including the ‘Implosion’ badge, awarded if you incorrectly predict a match outcome that 90% of the community gets right. The SuperBru HQ team’s continued loyalty to Harare City in the Zimbabwean Premier League has resulted in a raft of Implosion badges being issued.

This additional element to the game is designed to enhance the enjoyment of playing a tournament on your own, separate to the traditional SuperBru experience of trying to beat a group of people in a pool. If there’s a tournament that we run where your pool captain doesn’t set up a pool, you might still like to take part on your own and see how many Badges you can collect.

On a design note, SuperBru’s Founder, the General, explained the inspiration for the look and feel of the badges. “The badges are designed to look like a cross between 1960s NASA mission patches and boy scout badges,” he said. “If you win one, I want you to imagine proudly sewing it onto your shorts or pressurised extra-vehicular suit. Well done you!”

To see how to win a particular badge, click on the placeholder and you’ll be told your mission – but you can only see what they look like once you’ve won it.

New stats

We’ve also updated your player card – that’s the card with your picture and some stats at the top left of the desktop version of the site. “Accuracy” has been more correctly named “Success”, and refers to the percentage of match outcomes you successfully predict. Next to this, we used to show you your improvement / decline from the previous week, but now we show the community average, so you have better context for how you are doing.

You’ll also see a new stat, Margin Accuracy (or Goal Accuracy in football). This number is the average of the distance between your margin / goal predictions and the actual scores. 0 is a perfect score, so aim to keep it low! Again, we’ve added the community average here so you can see how you are doing relative to the rest of the world.

Comparison tool

The Achievements page also features a useful comparison tool that lets you compare your performance to that of one of your pools, or another individual. Individual player searches are saved so you have quick shortcuts to keep a regular eye on your competitors.

Use the individual comparison tool to see how many badges someone else has won, and whether you’re beating their badge count.

“When we finished developing the comparison tool, I eagerly used it to compare myself to each of the rest of the team,” said the General. “After initially assuming it was full of bugs, I came to the realisation that I’m going through a serious SuperBru form slump, because I’m worse than everyone else. I nearly scrubbed the feature for good, but the team convinced me to keep it for the greater good.”

What’s next?

The tournament badges are the first phase of an overhaul of SuperBru’s career features. In the coming months we’ll be adding more interesting stats and comparisons outside of tournaments, looking at factors like caps per sport, tournaments played, pools played, and more.

As always, if you have any feedback, please do send it to us, and we’ll continue to refine and improve things.

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